Tourist Information - Kanchenjunga Conservation Area

Kanchenjunga  Conservation Area 

It is situated in the north-eastern district of Taplejung and is bordered by Tibet-China in the north, Sikkim-India in the east and Sankhuwasabha district in the west.

The area has alpine grasslands, low river valleys with temperate and subtropical forests. 

The 10 species among Nepal’s  20 indigenous gymnosperms and 15 among Nepal’s 23 endemic flowering palnts are found in this region. in addition, almost 30 varieties of rhododendron species and 48 varieties of orchids are hound here. 

Wildlife includes endangered snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, musk deer, red panda, blue sheep and rhesus monkey. 

About 252 species of different birds including impheyan pheasant, red-billed blue magpie, shy drongo are found in the area.  

Activities: Trekking, Mountaineering
Accommodation: Tea houses, Camping
Access: Taplejung via Birantnagar
Best Season: Mar-May, Sep-Nov

(Source - Nepal Tourism Board)