Tourist Information - Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park 

It was declared as the UNESCO natural heritage site in 1984 owing to its rich adornment of nature.

 It includes a part of Shivalik hills, deciduous forests overlooking the flood plains of Narayani, Rapti and the Reu rivers amd offering a wilderness of rich ecosystems.

There are approximately 600 plant species, 56 mammals, 539 birds and 49 amphibians and reptiles in the park. The highlights of the park are 412 Asian rhinos and some 59 Royal Bengal tigers.

Other animals and birds found here includes, rhesus monkey, langur, deer, leopards, gaur  wild boar, pythons, crocodiles, flightcatchers, Indian pitta, parakeets, waterfowl, brahminy ducks, pintails, cormorants, peacocks, floricans and red headed trogons.
Activities: Jungle Safari on elephant-back, jungle walk, canoe ride, jeep ride
Accommodation: Resort, Hotels and Lodges
Access: 21 km drive from Bharatpur
Best Season: Oct-Mar (moderate temperature) Apr-Jun (hot) Jun-Sep (rainy)

(Source - Nepal Tourism Board)