Rafting in the River Marsyangdi

Rafting in the River Marsyangdi

Marsyangdi, which means "Raging River" in the local language, is considered by the rafting fraternity as one of the best rivers for whitewater rafting in the world. With challenging rapids from Class IV to Class V, the river trip is exhilirating and the astrounding views of manaslu and Annapurna massifs thoughout the run make this an outstanding trip. Some if the raipds encountered are Instant karma, Twinkie and Adrenaline. The put-in point is at Ngadi

The excursion on the Marsyangdi also includes a day"s trek and  the entire  trip  is four days  of continuous  adventure walking  through villages,  mingling with local people and riding  a succession  of rapids  down the river.  There is  no dearth of spectacular  mountain views  on  this  trip as the mountains  are visible  every  morning.  The  early morning sunlight  paints  the snow-clad  peaks  and· the sky in deep hues  of yellow, red  and orange. 

Adrenaline Rush on the Marsyangdi
Day 1- Khudi- Bhulbhule 

Leaving  Pokhara   in  the   early morning,  it's  a long  eight hour  drive to Khudi.  There  is no rafting on this day,  but' the  trek  is enjoyable  with beautiful  views  and   typical Nepali villages along the  way.  At  Khudi,   all the gear is unloaded and a short hike follows.  Once  Bhulbhule is reached, camp  is set  up  at one  of the  vantage points  from  where  great views of the Himalaya can be  had.  Sunset views are inspiring

Day 2 - Ngadi 
This day starts with a short trek to the put-in point, Ngadi.  Sights and sounds on this  trek  are engaging.  Soon  after lunch,  the action begins   as  the  trip actually starts here. Marsyangdi is full of thrills  and spills and  any keen rafter will vouch for  it.  The  adventure gets off to a good start as many rapids  appear soon after.  Rapids Instant Karma, TwinkieAdrenaline  and Mama's  Big Butt provide unimaginable thrills. The river is  unforgiving;  any mistake  has to be paid  for by a knock down.  The first halt on the river banks is at Khudi where the camp is set up.

Day 3 - Dam
Each  day the  river  looks  bigger.  Ac.. cordingly, the  ride  gets bumpier and there is much maneuvering to do. The area is surrounded by lush green jungle and the boat crashes through canyons. After  five  hours  of fun  on the rapids and  canyons,  it is time to stop for lunch on a choice sandy beach.  After lunch more  adventure follows on the rushing waters  of the  Marshyangdi which takes the rafters to the camping site before Middle  Marsyangdi Hydro Dam, on one of the most beautiful  and comfortable sandy beaches.

Day 4 - Paundi - Turture 
This   day  begins  with a  transfer  to Paundi  which is beyond the Dam. As  this  concrete  structure  comes   in the way, there  is a break in  the  river journey and  everything has  to be  carried  across  to a point further down from   it. The next put-in point is at Paundi from  where another 3 hours of rafting begins encountering Class III  rapids. This  wonderful trip  ends at Turture.  However, those wishing to  carry on further  down have an optional fifth day  on the  river.  This day is an  enjoyable scenic float from Turture to Bimalnagar with no rapids to tackle.

(Source: Nepal Tourism Board)