Rafting in the River Bhote Koshi

Rafting in the River Bhote Koshi

Bhote Kosi is yet another popular river for rafting. it flows down from the plateau of Tibet where it originates , to Nepal in the south. Passing though deep gorges, the Bhote Koshi offers a rugged landscape and a great river trip. With its classic rapids of Class III in the lower level and class IV to V at higher flows, it offers a terrific trip.

Some if the rapids encountered on the trip are: Frog in a Blender, John's home, Gerbil in the Plumbing, Liquid Bliss, Dazed and Confused.

After a three-hours drive from Kathmandu along the road to Tibet, one arrives at Bhote Koshi all geared up for the adventure. this is a fast flowing river owing to its steep gradient. With some challenging rapids, this is suited for novices and expert river guides as well.

For some, it is the ultimate rush. Rafting is one of the best means to see the country and its character. while driving to the put-in point, the scenery en route is astounding; the Himalayan mountain ranges such as langtang, Dorje Lakpa and others come into view. along the way are some specular emerald fields, terraced hillsides, large canyons, roaring waterfalls and the shimmering waters of the Sun Koshi.

1-Day Bhote Koshi Trip

An early start and it's off to the put-in point, 96 km away. the river offers real adventure with a rollercoaster ride. The drive to the put-in point is interesting as it passes the town of Thimi, the old city of Bhaktapur and other two towns, banepa and Dhulikhel along the Arniko highway that leads to Tibet. after the scenic drive across the countryside, we arrive at our put-in point , which lies below the dam of Upper Sun Koshi, 40 km south of the Tibetan border. all the grear is then unloaded, and preparations are made for the rafting trip. It is time ti get into rafting trip. It is time to get into rafting outfits and considering the strong sunlight, sun screen lotion is recommended.

On the Bhote Koshi, the rapids appear one  after  another  and  are  all highly technical. It must be stressed here that it is very important to listen to the guide's instructions. The paddle must be used following his instructions and a great time can be had by all. This is a great outdoor experience and everyone plays a part. The rapids that are at first encountered are a series of Class III rapids. they are comparitively easy yet mean a lot of adventure. Then it is time to hit upon the real thing: the first Class IV rapid known as Gerbil in the Plumbing. this is soon followed by the technical rapid Frog in a Blender, which is a lession in tackling rapids before the boat is caught in a big swirling pools. Then what follows is a long rough ride on what seems like the back of a giagantic dragon. Immediately after this is the lunch stop.

After lunch there are more challenges to face which bring more excitement. The run in now through lovely narrow canyons  covered  in lush green vegetation  while  the  waters  tumble down from great waterfalls to mix into the churning  waters  of  the great  Bhote Koshi. Further ahead are more exhilarating rapids  that add to the thrill of rafting. The next big challenge is the Dazed and Confused, rapids that come in quick succession. There is a choice of take-out  points  at  this  juncture; either  near Barabise  or Lamo Sangu (Long  Bridge)  Dam.   Barabise has much  to offer as there  are resorts for overnight stays.  On the  other  hand there are only two campsites at Bhote Koshi.

(Source: Nepal Tourism Board)