Rafting in the River Arun

Rafting in the River Arun

The Arun is a natural choice in the look out for real adventure. It is also a the first choice for those seeking an expeditions into the wilderness. The Arun is one if the tributaries of the Sapta Koshi that flows through Eastern Nepal.

The trip begins with a three-day trek through remote villagees of the serene Arun valley; camping out in lush forests with views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. It is three days of great white water action and camping on fantastic beaches along the river. Combining trekking around spectacular scenery, great rapids and remote location makes the Arun trip fascinating.

The Upper Arun is one of the most powerful and respected rivers in Nepal, Surrounded by inspiring landscape, it cuts through the Hinalaya forging deep gorges and has superb riverside beaches. The powerful current and large volume of water gives rise to huge and impressive rapids throughout the journey. The rapids can be challenging and techically complex.

Five Days in Eastern Nepal
Day 1 -Tumlingtar 
After an hour's flight from Kathmandu, Tumlingtar in eastern Nepal is reached. Since the Tumlingtar flight  is  usually in the afternoon, camp is set up at Tumlingtar itself. The afternoon can be spent visiting the little village with its tiny teashops and airstrip. A briefing for the next day's adventure follows.

Day 2 - Savaiya Khola 
Breakfast at 8: 30 am is followed  by a trek to Sabiya Khola that takes about two hours at a leisurely pace. Briefing for the next day's schedule follows. On this day all equipment for the  trip  is arranged in preparation for the  river trip the next day.

Day 3- Megan Desi

An early breakfast and by 9:30 am, it is time to hit the water.  Most of the day, the river is quite smooth except for encounters with little rapids of Class III/IV.
Day 4 - Ranighat

This  day brings  more challenges than  the previous one.  Quite  a number of rapids are encountered one  after  the other.  The  first  is  a lefr-bend  rapid,  before the  suspension bridge at Ranighat. A number of rapids follows and at the  end of the day,  it  is  time to halt and set up camp.

Day 5 - Chatara

Compared  to the previous  days, today is  pretty  smooth  and  relaxed. The Arun  River then merges  with the Sun  Koshi to form  the  collective Sapta  Koshi,  one of the  major  river systems  of Nepal.  Floating  down the Sapta Kosi for about half an hour and the site  of a temple in  Bara Chettra, dedicated  to lord Vishnu is reached. From here it's another half-hour float to Chatara. The splendid river trip in eastern Nepal ends here and the drive back begins.