Aquatic Adventure - Boating in Nepal

Nepal provides some fine opportunites for boating. There range from the glacier fed lakes up north, down to where the laden rivers ease into terai plains.

Pokhara's Phewa lake is the most popular destination for those who love recreational boating. Phewa is the second largest lake, measuring 1.5km by 4 km. It's eastern shore, also known as lakeside or Baidam is a tourist hub.

Other lakes for the adventurous boating are Begnas and Rupa tal which are located 15km out of Pokhara. While Phewa is bustling with the tourism-created Lakeside area, Begnas and Rupa have remained largely pristine. These lakees are divided by a forested hillock called Panchabhaiya Danda , and are a perfect retreat area.  

Rowing Around

Renting a boat for a couple of hours and heading out to the middle or the other side o the lake bordering the forested hill, and takin a swim, can be the highlights of a warm day.

Boats can be hired for the whole day, or on an hourly basis. You can either row around yourself or hire a boatman.

At Phewa, tourists have a choice of pedal driven boats, row boats and sail boats. The latter are a recent development and definitely worth the money when there us a good breeze around. There is also a choice between fibre-body sailboats and wooden ones.

Boating in the Pokhara valley is fun thoroughout the year, barring the monsoon months. the best ime is between October and February, when the skies are clear and the mountains cast their shadows on the lake's tranquil waters.