Aerial Adventure - Bungy Jumping in Nepal

If you thought  bungy jumping  was restricted to some places in Europe, New Zealand  and  America,  it's  time  you get an update. The sport has finally found a natural home in the highest mountain range in the world. The ultimate thrill  of a bungy  jump can now be experienced in Nepal at perhaps one of the the best site in the world .


Nepal's first bungy jumping  site  is situated 160m over the wild Bhote Kosi river, and located close to the Nepal-Tibet border, a three-hour  bus ride  from  Kathmandu.  A jump   can  be   arranged   on  arrival   in Kathmandu.  As  of now,  there  is  only one agency Offering this sport. The jump, at 160m,  was designed  by one of New  Zealand's leading  bungy consultants, and  is operated by  some  of the   most  experienced jump masters  in  the  business.  It's  mishap-proof. The agency takes safety 'very, very seriously'.